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Will Your Next Event Be a Success?

With Mack Productions, Inc., It Will!

Are you the meeting planner for an upcoming conference, fundraiser or show? Don’t try to handle it all alone!

Hosting a successful event requires hours of time planning in addition to the time you’ll spend organizing and leading activities on the big day. Free yourself from an abundance of the worries that come with event planning in or around Billings, Montana by choosing a meeting coordinator from Mack Productions, Inc. to do the work for you.

Looking for a meeting coordinator or meeting planner to take over the entire event planning and production process? Mack Productions, Inc. can handle all your fundraising planning, corporate event planning and event planning needs from start to finish. Just need some assistance with the overwhelming work load? We are ready to lend a hand! From planning themes and managing setup and cleanup to promotions, invitations, or registrations, we will customize a plan that helps you succeed!

Our services range from conference management and convention service to fundraising planning, corporate event planning and event planning! Let our convention service be your meeting coordinator for your next event in Billings, Montana.

Why Choose Mack Productions, Inc.?

When you have Mack Productions, Inc. as your meeting planner and meeting coordinator in Billings, Montana you have years of experience, professionalism, and dedication on your side to ensure your event’s success. We take on each project, whether it involves convention service, conference management or fundraising planning, as though it was our own. We will work to make sure that at the end of the process, we’ve produced an event that makes you, and us, proud.